About Us

Kai and Lia are invited to the Canadian Grand Master Championship competing and showcase their talent. they are 4 times BC provincial and 7 times Grand North American, 5 times John Arcand Fiddle Fest fiddle champions in various categories. In October 2012, they are invited to do a speech for Tedxkids@BC at Telus Science World to inspie other kids. And they are number 1 band on the ReverbNation Celtic charts for Abbotsford, BC, CA.

In 2010 they also had the honour of performing at 15 Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics games and had been featured on CBC TV commercial to promote the game entertainment! And they has been invited to perform with fiddle legend Calvin Vollrath on stage. Kai and Lia have performed repeatedly over the years, since Lia was 5 years old, at events internationally like Celticfest Vancouver, Vancouver Marathon, BC Heartland Game, BC Childrun, Seattle’s Northwest Folklife, Maple Sugar Festival, Maritime Festival Canada Day Celebration, even on the Great Wall of China and are always a hit. 

Both Kai and Lia discovered fiddle music at a very young age.  Toe tapping and upbeat fiddle music was a nice break from their classical training. Soon fiddle music has become a part of their lives and it shows with their multitude of talent in contests wins and performances.  


Their second CD came out in 2010 and 3rd one in 2013, recorded at Astronomical Studios in St Paul Alberta with Calvin Vollrath, the fiddle master and composer in Olympics, who also played along with all backing instruments. They also had their own compositions on those CDs. And the first print of the second CD is almost sold out in one year. So they recorded "Biscuit in the Basket" on demend.  They have been interviewed on CBC Radio and Dixie Boys Radio after their first recoding at 7 and 9 years old. Among their CD’s. The first in 2007 under their old name Old Time Fiddle Kids, they were only 9 and 7 years old, but already showing the expertise with fiddle music. A few years later, fiddle master Calvin Vollrath was amazed by their achievement on fiddling at such a young age and invited them to do a recording together at his studio.  




About  Lia 

Lia won a four-year scholarship to study violin at Western University. And she won outstanding music award for plaing trumpet in school band. She competed in the Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Competition since 2015, and in the previous year she become the showcase for Canadian Grand Master Championshp and she got the biggest bursary from Chiliwack Music Festival to encourage her persuate music careen and again became the most promising violinist in 2014. And she start teaching fiddle in the same year. When Lia started competed in the championship category (adult) in the fiddle contests at age 14, she placed in the top 3 at the first try. Before that, Lia had won trophies for the most promising violinist and gold medals for classical violin and the provincial strings run-up winner at age 13. She is also Prinvincial fiddle champion in the open category. and first place at Grand North American Fiddle Championship contest in the category which designed for people are capable but not willing to compete in championship level. And graduated from middle school with All Around Musician Award by playing trumpet.  At 12 years old of age, she won first in youth class (17 and under) at all fiddle contests. This is also the first year she join the youth category. She plays 4 instruments, violin, cello, piano, trumpet, performed both violin and cello in advanced RCM level. She won music awards from her school forr her trumpet playing in the honour band too. Even with the busy music activities, she still managed to be in the academic honour roll as well as math honour class. She also got the roll of lead actress in school biennual musical among 700 students. With the multitude of talent, she is also winning international art contests since she was 4 and did all the art works on her first CD recorded with her brother. She is also training with black belts in Karate do jo. She was fond of cello when she started learning 

music but there are no cello that can fit her small figure. So at 4 she started with violin following her brother’s foot step. Not take long for her to catch up with her brother’s skill and even go further. As easy as a snap, when she finally allowed to start cello lessons at 6, her cello playing blossomed just like her violin journey did, reaching an advanced level very quickly and became first cellist in the symphony.  Finding the fiddle at 5, she won her first top three trophy at the first contest she ever attend. And a half year after learning fiddle music she had been invited to perform on stage with her brother at a paid gig. Her talent also shines on piano, trumpet, clogging dance, karate and the fine arts. She likes to write her own music while noodling on a piano or fiddle. Her music is always very danceable with some spice. When she was 7, she had been invited to play fiddle at master Calvin Vollrath’s concert, not only just to wow the audience but also left a great impression in the master’s heart. Since then she have had chances to learn from Calvin in his own master class every year at his summer camp and performed with him in fiddle events. And therefore, there is a hint of Calvin’s style in her compositions. She is also one of the handful fiddlers who can dance and fiddle simultaneously. And her breath taking clogging always turns up the heat in the performance.


About Kai

After got in top 10 at the Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Championship Kai kept shining on all big fiddle contests in Canada includes wiing in thw most well known John Arcand Fiddle Fest. Kai won his first BC Provincial Championship and got invited to compete in Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Championship at 16 yrs old! At age 14, he had been selected by the judges to enter championship category in John Arcand Fiddle Fest and placed second competiing with best fiddllers from 4 provinces. Violin was Kai’s first choice for an instrument when he started learning music at 4.  He can pick up any melody instantly by ear, his previous violin teacher called him a parrot.  It’s not surprising when he was introduced to fiddle he can learn more than a hundred songs in the first year, and played like a veteran. Since 8 he started to challenge contest categories above his age group and always placed in the top. At the age of 12, he won first place in the 18 and under category at the John Arcand Fiddle Fest, biggest one in western Canada, and the following year and was one of the youngest winners of BC Provincial Youth Championships. He was the only fiddler performed on the Great Wall of China from his school.  Kai composed his first fiddle song at 7 and soon after he was turning out more of his own compositions.  He likes to write up beat music with a comical twist, and sometimes lovely waltzes come out from the soft part of his heart. Some of his compositions are favourites at fiddle events he performs at. At age of 13, he start teaching fiddle to share the love of music with a younger generation. Except fiddle, Kai also likes to play guitar, not to mention he is a good clogging dancer and plays fluently on cello when he feels like it. The most exceptional hobby Kai has is photography.  He takes professional shots with no formal training.